14 weeks crafts project
Individual design
industrial design, handmade craftsmanship                                                         
including cutting, coating polishing, etc
BAPE voice is a crafted speaker set, with an amplifier and two speaker boxes. When you turn on the power switch, you light up the brain, where the digital music is processed and then transmit into waves and into your ears. 
With the influences of street fashions on me, I challenge myself to design the set for brand A Bathing Ape, and implement the expressional BAPE camouflage and premier finishing into my design. The dominant usage of translucent walls enables you to see through the inner structure, and helps to emphasize the anatomic feel. Please take a look.
Every night, I probably turn on my speaker and play a cozy melody. Indulging in the peace, or the fierce, or the aspiration of music. It becomes the primary pushing-force for this design as curiosity engages me to research on how speakers work and how to craft the speaker box. Luckily, I encounter the speaker design challenge during my college experience in ArtCenter. Craftsmanship is instructed by my teacher in the prototyping class, where I am able to operate powerful cutting machines, and coat and finish a handmade product.

Working in the model shop.
I study the speaker units and amplifier construction, involving taking apart products and making quick proof-of-concept mockups. Identifying where parts are screwed together and how supporting structure works on different shapes and materials are the key challenges during this phrase.
With the knowledge of the audio units, I end up purchasing my preferred speakers and amplifier chipboard because it will take tremendous extra efforts if I manufacture them by myself.
The design phrase happens at the same time when I am studying the audio units. I am ideating while I am modeling and planning the construction drawings. 
Making the plastic brain is the key challenge here. I decide to vacuum form the brain structure in two half pieces and sandwich them with the amplifier circuit board in the middle.

I am firstly creating the camouflage pattern by mask-spraying. However, the results are undesirable and I decide to create my own metallic water decals.
The crafting process involves using bandsaw, table saw, laser cutter, vacuum forming, spray guns, etc. The final products are also coated with clear paint and are water sanded to generate a smooth and glossy surface.
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